This FREE Challenge Shows You How To

Fill Your Calendar with 20-30+ New Jobs in 48-Hours

The Most Overlooked Growth Strategy For Established Businesses

A Simple, Highly-Effective, Done-With-You 48-Hour Challenge



How much will this cost?

This challenge is free to join, however, there will be a small cost for sending out emails & SMS messages for this campaign. We don’t receive any of this. This is paid to the company you use for sending email & SMS. 

Why is this free?

Things are pretty crazy right now and I know many businesses need additional help & support. This is a great way for businesses to generate additional revenue, fast. We’re also doing this as a means of putting our best foot forward in the hopes that you might consider us if you decide you want professional help in growing your business. 

Can I really generate 20-30 new jobs in 48 hours?

Yes, provided you have been in business for a couple of years or more and you have a list of over 200+ people. It’s still possible to achieve this with a smaller list however the bigger the better. If you have a larger list you can expect even better results.

I have past customers/clients but I don’t have a ‘list’?

Part of this training will be dedicated to helping you compile a list of your past customer/clients. 

How will the training be delivered?

You will receive access to our exclusive membership area where all the content will be stored. You can easily access this through any web browser on your phone, tablet or computer.   

Do I need any technical knowledge?

Nothing advanced. If you can use the internet & email you’ll be just fine. Everything we do will have step by step walkthroughs and will be extremely easy to follow along with.

What’s the time commitment?

You will need about 1-hour or so to consume the training materials and another 1-hour or so to implement the training materials. Some people may take less time to complete this while other may take slightly longer. 

What if I have more questions?

When you sign up you’ll receive an immediate email from me (Sean) so if you have any questions you can reply back to that with your questions.

Can you just do this for me?

Yes, we can. Usually this would cost $497, however, seeing as you have been invited to this challenge we are offering to implement this for you is $97. This does not include the cost of sending SMS campaigns. Please email requesting this and we’ll happily look after you. 

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