My Story

Part 1

Who the F*** is that guy?

I’m Sean I’m Irish.

So if you recognized that quote as being from Conor McGregor – you’re right.I have mixed emotions about the guy but damn that was funny as hell when he said that.

Now let’s get to business…

You already know – I get solar pros like you on the phone with more pre-qualified homeowners.

So you can close more deals.

But you’re probably like Conor McGregor right now thinking

“Who the F*** is that guy?”

So allow me to explain how I’ve gotten here & why I want to help you.

Part 2


It was a typical February night in Ireland…

Dark, dreary & raining.

I sat hunched over the dim light of my laptop while the wind howled in the darkness of the night.

As I sat there triple-checking everything was in order for our upcoming event.

I couldn’t help but smile at how well everything was going.

I had secured the contract for a brand new venue in the heart of the city. It had all the makings to be the next big thing and I had the skills and experience to make it exactly that.

You see, my business partner & I used to both work for another company but we took a leap of faith and now we were out in the big bad world on our own.

And everything was going exactly as planned.

The first event had sold out almost instantly.

But then the phone rang…

Part 3


‘Flooded?!? What do you mean the venue is flooded?!?’

So as it turns out, given the time of year and how cold it was, the pipes had frozen and subsequently burst.

By the time it was discovered – The venue was already 3 feet under water.

There was no way we were going to be able to fix this in just 2 days.

I had no time to lose. I knew I needed to act quick.

And with a lot of persistence and a little luck, I managed to secure another venue.

Now all I had to do was deal with the backlash from everyone who had purchased tickets.

They weren’t going to be happy.

They were expecting a brand new venue – not some crappy old venue they had been to before.

But you’ve got to play the cards you’ve been dealt & persever.

So we did everything we could to minimize the damage but I knew this was going to make it A LOT tougher when we did get to finally launch our new venue.

Fast forward to after the venue had been restored.

Finally, everything was back on track.

We had relaunched the night.

It took a lot more work this time but we had managed to sell it out again.

I was back hunched over my laptop, two days out from the event just like the last time.

And then the phone rang… again…


Part 4

The Day I Quit

I was back hunched over my laptop, two days out from the event just like the last time.

And then the phone rang… again…

It was the venue manager.

My heart clenched.

The thought of the frozen pipes flooded my head.

I took a breath before answering the phone.

I thought to myself, ‘Surely there couldn’t be an issue even half as bad last time?’

I was wrong.

And this time it was even worse.

The fire martial had closed the venue and it didn’t look like it was going to reopen anytime soon.

This was the day I decided I was done with events.

You see, I kind of just fell into running events.

While I was in school, a friend of mine asked me to give him a lift to an event one weekend. An event company had put on this event to find more staff. I decided to tag along to the event instead of just waiting in my car.

Before I knew it, I had been offered a job.

I got off to a flying start. After my first event, I had become their number 1 brand ambassador. I continued to go from strength to strength as I mastered how to get 1000’s of people to show up to one location. All through social media.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was more than capable of running events of my own. I was already doing almost all of the work myself so it seemed only natural to start up my own thing.

So I did just that.

And I had a great few years doing it.

But as well as I was doing – It wasn’t consistent.

I’d make a load of cash one week but then maybe nothing for another 3-4 weeks

I was capped out.

And things could happen that were completely out of your control that could ruin one of our events.

Everything from weather to a venue screwing you over and not paying you what they owed you.

Similar to how a homeowner might pull out of a deal last minute for you.

So I vowed there and then…

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to build something more reliable & consistent”

So I decided to take all the money I had made with events and take a leap of faith on a new business venture.

Part 5 - (The Final Part)

Focus or Fail

So I took all the money I had made with my events company and decided to create an app.

But it didn’t exactly work out as I had planned.

I was trying to do something I knew nothing about. Something that wasn’t my area of expertise.

I’m a marketer, not an app developer.

Just like how like you’re Solar Sales Consultant. Not a marketer.

You’re best focusing on what you do best – selling solar

But I wasn’t going to let this app get me down.

I learned an expensive but valuable lesson.

I needed to focus & stay within my area of expertise.

So I spent some time thinking about how I could best use my marketing skills.

Over the years I’ve worked with companies across various industries helping them with their marketing while I was still doing events. I really enjoyed the aspect of helping other people with what they had spent their lives working on and this was within my area of expertise.

So that’s what I decided to do.

I put the app to bed and got back to get back to what I know best – Marketing.

I’ve spent the last few years working with people across various industries including property developers, accountants, takeaways, beauticians, fashion stylists, chiropractors and some Solar Pros.

Out of everyone, I enjoyed working with Solar Pros the most.

It made sense, given the entrepreneurial nature of this role.

My dad’s always had his own business and I have great respect & admiration for business owners & entrepreneurs.

So now I’ve been focusing exclusively on helping solar pros.

These are the type of people I want to spend my time helping.

Not to mention, it’s great to be doing my bit for the environment too.

So that’s my story on how I got into helping solar pros.

And I’m excited to show you how I can help you consistently scale your solar sales.

If you’re in a place where you’re looking to scale up and increase your deal flow – click the link below to schedule a call with me.

I’m excited to speak with you.


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