Hello 👋

I’m Sean


I've Been Doing This for a Minute...

I First Started Running Facebook Ads Back In 2014

But I Started Marketing Even Before That...

I First Got started In the marketing world when I ran my first event back in 2011

Chris & Conor (My Business Partners & Good Friends) & Myself infront of the venue at our first ever event

I Ran Countless Events Over The Next Few Years

This is where I learned the fundamentals of marketing as well as how to utilize digital & social media marketing with amazing results.

things were going great...


Me at a sold out NYE event I ran

things were going great

we were selling out events

and i was having fun

but then…

Me at a sold out NYE event I ran

I grew to hate the lifestyle...

i couldn’t see myself doing this forever.

I didn’t want to.

so i quit.

you can read about it here

nye ball sad sean

now I help businesses grow

Over The Last Few Years I’ve Worked With…

  • Hotels, Bars & Nightclubs
  • Gyms & Personal Trainers,
  • Takeaways & Casinos,
  • Accountants & Property Developers
  • Fashion Stylists & Beauticians
  • Chiropractors
  • Solar

And Even Hailo – Ireland’s Largest Taxi App At The Time.

I Love It.

Helping Others Achieve Their Goals is Very Fulfilling.

Recently, I'm Focused on helping solar pros

Why Solar?


  • I Enjoy Working With The Type Of People That Gravitate To This Field
  • It’s A Fantasic Product That Truly Improves People’s Lives & Saves Them Huge Sums Of Money
  • It’s Great For The Environment – So I Feel Like I’m Doing My Bit For Climate Change
me solar new

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